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Thread: Where is the Phones colour held inside the EFS?

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    Where is the Phones colour held inside the EFS?

    Hi All

    I have recently run Phone Info *Samsung* from the google play store
    This shows that the external colour of my phone does not match when it was manufactured

    This was due to a shortage at my repair centre, and I had a different colour screen fitted to my i9505
    Now, the app is reporting White, when it is in fact black now

    I know this is found in the EFS somewhere (at least this is what I think...)... anyone point me in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance

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    In the Product Code, the 3 letters after the model number give the phone specification, including colour.
    You will need to root your phone and use root Explorer or similar to find it.
    I would also guess that it is in the EFS folder.

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    Thanks for the reply
    I know that the codes are the those digits... but I cannot find them in the efs folder anywhere

    I want to know... where can i find those Colour specific ones.(in bold below).. as they are device specific... as different phones will update with same firmware... but still show correct colour

    So far.. I have
    GT-i9505ZKABTU - S4 UK Unbranded Black
    GT-i9505ZWABTU - S4 UK Unbranded White
    GT-i9505ZBABTU - S4 UK Unbranded Blue
    GT-i9505ZRABTU - S4 UK Unbranded Red
    GT-i9505ZBAEVR - S4 UK EE/Orange Blue

    Also... If anyone has the following coloured phones... can they tell me their colour and product code (which is not user specific)
    Black Edition?
    Any other colours?

    And also... on S3's

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