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Thread: Fix or Restore .LFS folder of I8190L

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    Fix or Restore .LFS folder of I8190L

    Hello everybody I was trying to customize the turn on screen but i managed to screw up it. Now it turns on with a corrupted-colored-dotted image. I paste modified logo images with the same name of the ones in There to replace the because the directory is (like bulletproof it sucks) read-only.
    -I keep pressed the I/O button
    -The phone vibrates
    -Shows a corrupted turn on image
    -At this rate I'm able to get in recovery mode an download mode if I use the button combination
    -shows the boot animation
    -load the OS and it's full opperative

    Thank for the help. Regards!

    Samsung S3 mini GT-I8190L [TELCEL-TCE]
    OS: Cyanogenmod 11 unnoficial golden kitkat 4.4.4
    Firmware: I8190LUBANA2
    Kernel: 3.0.101 novafusion+

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    You must have a rooted phone, in which case you can install Root Explorer from the Play Store.
    [ Login above or register to see download links. ]

    This will allow you to change root permissions.

    Have you tried to install a stock firmware and reinstate the original boot image.

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    Yes at 05/08/2014 I have installed the stock firmware from sammobile and it's rooted now but it did not fix it. Ut is the same thing but with another OS. The corrupted turn on image is still there and now the " /mnt/.lfs " folder is empty, that is weird, I have tried with root explorer and ES file manager and it shows the same empty .lfs folder. u_u . Sigh* I'm still clueless. There is people who tells "I just copy logo.jpg in mnt/.lfs an ta-da! Your turn on screen is customized!" But im my case I did the same and it jus got screwed up.
    Thanks for replying greenman! I really appreciate it.

    Samsung S3 mini GT-I8190L [TELCEL-TCE]
    OS: Samsung Android Jellybean 4.1.2
    Firmware: I8190LUBAND1
    Kernel: 3.0.31-1539862 [email protected]#2 SMP PREEMPT Fri Apr 25 21:30:04 KST 2014

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