Hi guys,

I have a problem with my N7100, a few days ago the system started to freeze and have reboots every few minutes. Al princpio thought it was because I had many app in the background and ran out of memory or hung, but was slowly being more continuous faults.

The other day I started to update and after update or windows or linux recognize the terminal. I've gone through several stages, from not boot (it was in the initial screen "Samsung galaxy note 2") to a bootloop on the logo samsumg and I finally got the system to boot, but once the system finishes booting last from 5 to 10 seconds and also hangs heats a lot

I have tried all kinds of solutions but I can not have a functional system, could you help? Is there any Firmware 4.X to install a clean system, and repartition or bootloader update

The system that I have installed is N7100XXUFNE1_N7100OXAFNE1_XEF