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Thread: How to manually update your GALAXY Tab 3 8" (SM-T310) to Kit Kat 4.4.2

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    Lightbulb How to manually update your GALAXY Tab 3 8" (SM-T310) to Kit Kat 4.4.2

    If you've automatically received any update, by all means share screen-grabs and shots, or your experience with any new firmware you've downloaded and updated on this device.

    *This 'how-to' applies to the recently released OS update Kit Kat 4.4.2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8" - any new info regarding the Tab 3 8" SM-T310 (WI-FI) will be added here. News, updates and rumors. Pretty much everything from now on and then...

    The update will affect nothing!

    (Steps by number with additional list bullets and notes below)

    === Begin! ===

    Let's get started:

    The first thing you'll definitely need is patience and time. Do this at night if you REALLY plan to update your device once and for all, or if your internet is slow. Now...

    1. Download the new OS update files

    • Download
    • PRECAUTION: This part takes time, so I hope you're not in a hurry. Be careful and do not get ahead just yet by reading the steps below.
    • Once the Stock Android OS file download is complete, extract into your 'Downloads' folder, preferably into a sub-folder!
    • Bare in mind, the file is an .md5 file, and it's file name is "T310XXUBNE9_T310OXABNE9_HOME.tar.md5".
    • You'll actually only be using this .md5 file, not the .dll file that is also provided (IF it's been included in the file's download folder)

    2. Download Odin

    • Download
    • After downloading, extract immediately the executable file onto your desktop
    • Pay no attention to the program being titled 'Galaxy S4 Mini', you did not download the wrong version of Odin. The version downloaded supports all devices, surely.

    === Switch to your tablet device ===

    3. Go to your settings in your device

    • Go to 'About device' and tap 'Build number' 7 times to enable 'Developer options'
    • Is it enabled? Good!

    4. In your 'Developer options' pane, enable 'USB debugging'

    • Toggle no other settings in 'Developer options' except only 'USB debugging'
    • See notes below to troubleshoot if nothing has popped up when connecting your tablet to your PC. It should be bolded.

    5. Turn off your tablet device entirely after enabling 'Developer options', don't Restart!

    • Once turned off, press and hold 'Home' + 'Sleep' + 'Volume Down' altogether until a warning screen appears
    • Continue by letting go and pressing 'Volume Up' quickly!
    • Set your tablet aside now and leave on 'Download Mode'. Does your screen say 'Downloading...'? Good!

    (Connect your tablet to your PC now and wait for Odin to recognize it. Your PC should make a sound confirming your tablet is connected in Download Mode.)

    === Switch back to your PC for a moment ===

    (If not running, open Odin on your PC.)

    6. In Odin, under "Files [Download]", begin to load the .md5 file into the 'AP' portion of the program by clicking on it

    • In your 'Downloads' folder, hopefully you've extracted the files into a sub-folder? You did? Good. Select the .md5 file.
    • Once loaded, as a Precaution: Odin may take it's sweet time loading the file and the program may stop and you'll have to repeat what you did prior to loading the file, so keep trying!
    • If loaded properly in Odin, make sure only 'Auto Reboot' & 'F. Reset Time' are both checked and that at the top-left it should show that your tablet is connected. If that box atop in the program is still blue, that's perfectly fine.

    (Once connected, I'll stress again that the tablet should STILL be in Download Mode, and that the little box in Odin is STILL blue. Everything seems good? Proceed.)

    8. Press 'Start' in Odin

    • Wait for it to download the update into the tablet...


    More coffee while the tablet does it's thing?

    Continue to notes below--


    If you aren't aware already, EditAndroid has a step-by-step solution to manually updating your tablet, too.. I'm very sure some other sites have steps for updating manually as well, but to-hell with it, this is for anybody else looking here.

    Basically, I've been writing these steps down as I update my tablet! So you can imagine the editing process of writing all this down! (Ha!) Backing-spacing, re-writting and what-not.

    I hope the connectivity of your tablet to your PC worked just fine, and this should work for both Windows or Mac. If you've recently connected your tablet to your PC, you should have had no problem in manually updating your tablet.

    Another thing, is to troubleshoot your charging cord, whether it be your native USB 2.0 cord that has been supplied with your device or a back-up (which is similar to your native cord, but supports the usage of charging or connecting to a PC). It's recommended you try and connect your tablet to your PC before beginning updating, and if it connects properly you haven't anything to worry about.

    No 'Developer options'?

    • Refer to step 3.
    • Check to see if your Model number is the correct sum and combination for this device. Example: Galaxy Tab 3 8"' model number is SM-T310.

    You already have 'Developer options' enabled?

    • Your device is not the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8" this manual update is required for.
    • Everything is similiar, different build number but you're assuming everything is still correct to continue this manual update. In this case, don't bother. Keep looking for your correct Stock Android OS update elsewhere here at SamMobile!

    Can't connect your tablet to your computer because nothing is showing up?

    • Refer to step 4.
    • Switch to your back-up cord. Look for any cord that will connect to your tablet for your PC if your current cord isn't working properly. I'm sure you have one laying around somewhere.
    • Download Samsung Kies, but in this case, Kies will not recognize this tablet nor is it compatible for Kies, but it will connect your device to your PC!

    In step 3, you should have had your 'Developer options' confirmed and enabled with the tablet telling you 'You're on your way to being a developer' in the settings when tapping 'Build number' in the 'About device' pane. The fun part is, when you try to disable it by tapping even more, it'll be enabled for good! It'll tell you 'No need, developer mode has already been enabled'. No fuss there!

    By step 8, your tablet should be working and has the new Kit Kat 4.4.2 update!

    === It's at this point, you're pretty much finished. Congrats! ===

    (Please DO point out any errors in the text above or any missing steps if needed. It will be welcome as this post is for everyone who owns a GALAXY Tab 3 8"!)
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    What firmware file would I use for the United States? I would assume the country would matter.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nkite66102 View Post
    What firmware file would I use for the United States? I would assume the country would matter.

    Hey there, nkite66102! You needn't to worry about the origin of the file or what it's specified to. The file came from France, but it should definitely work for everyone. Let us know when you've successfully and manually updated your Tablet!

    Also, hyperlinks are provided in the Step's bullets above titled 'Download' for each piece of software required to perform this manual update. We don't want you to wreck what's good, so be cautious and know what you're doing when taking up this task.

    Good luck.

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