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Thread: i9500 Slow updates & less care from Samsung

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    Question i9500 Slow updates & less care from Samsung

    Hi All:

    I have Galaxy S4 (i9500) XSG REGION ......and I notice that there is less care regarding this variant of S4, for example the i9505 Germany Firmware got more updates like Kids mod and Knox 2.0 where there is nothing for i9500 !!!!

    In general Samsung is very Slow regarding update and there is no clear statement or policy for it, and the i9500 is in the end of the list

    and I have many Questions I hope to find answers for it

    1- Do we will get the new TW UI like the one in GS5 and when ?
    2- Do we will get the new S5 stuff like Ultra power saving and the other cool features ?
    3- What about the Kitkat 4.4.4 ?!
    4- So is I will be dreaming if I say When we will get Android L ? (for HTC one it is 90 days of the official release)

    I hope Samsung will try to release faster updates in the future with less Firmware variants for new Smartphones and take more care about the i9500

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    Impossible to answer any of your questions, I'm afraid.
    Only Samsung know which phones are updated and what changes are made.
    You will have to do what the rest of us do and keep an eye on Sammobile and other media for press releases.

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