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A possible reason for your loss of network after 5 months could be that the phone was on contract.
If the phone contract is not paid the network supplier will blacklist the IMEI.
With a blacklisted IMEI you cannot access the network.

Dial *#06# for your IMEI,
Check it is the same number under the battery.
Check here that it is not blacklisted http://swappa.com/esn
Thanks for the prompt response. I checked the IMEI *=06# and compared the number under the battery and found that the both numbers are the same. Also confirmed that the IMEI is not on the black list from the link you provided.

Let me give you some details. In Turkey no mobile from outside country is allowed to be used after two months to get in the country. One must register the phone in the the system http://www.mcks.gov.tr/en/index.php or the seconde method is to change the IMEI with an another IMEI, which is IMEI clone. Most people utilize this method to avoid regsitretion fee. But this might crash in the meantime and if your mobile is discovred by the system, the phone may shut down and and you no longer are able to use that phone.

My phone is not cotracted neither is in the blacklist. I got the IMEI clone to the a local man and used it for about 5 months then received "not registered on network"message. I went to another local man and asked the phone to be returned the original condition. The man loaded android version 4..1.1 which I am sure not the same version when I first purchased it. I believe the local man did so in order to get the original IMEI. After I get the original IMEI I officilay registered the phone in the system now it is legal to use the phone in turkey but the problem "not registered on network" continues. I believe there is a modem problem. What do you think.