I was flashing the SM-T210 with the firmware "T210XXBNH5_T210OJVBNH1_HOME.tar" using odin 3.04 , suddenly the flash stopped and i've got the following message in the screen: "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue, Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again"
I tried various versions of odin and I used other firmwareS, I tried also the different combinations of buttons HOME + VOLUME- + POWER ON .... but I get always the same screen.
Strangely only odin 3.07 do the flashing and stops at pass or reset, but nothing changes.
I used also Kies and the tablet was keeping connecting and disconnecting, in Kies 3 the initialization is impossible because it's not supported, I tried also Smart Switch and it didn't recognise the tablet.
I'm using windows 7 and windows 8 and I noticed that they both recognise the Tablet as SAMSUNG USB (MODEM), maybe this information could help!
I have been looking for a solution many days, I appreciate your help.
Many thanks in advance.