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Now here's where I begin to get confused.

(Q1) When SamMobile provides the official KitKat 4.4.2 firmware for the N8010 how many files are there likely to be?
There will be two files after unzipping the download:
A. tar.md5 file - this is the one you want.
B. .dll file - this can be ignored

(Q2) I ask because when I downloaded the current JB firmware for the N8010 assuming I could downgrade back from KK to JB it only consisted of one file i.e. a .tad.md5 file
When the N8010 4.4.2 KitKat firmware arrives in Sammobile, you will download and unzip as you have done with the JB version to get ONE .tar.md5 file.

(Q3) Assuming that there will only be one file in the new KK 4.4.2 firmware here on SamMobile, a .tad.md5 file, will this file restore all the SPen and Multiscreen functionality that previously existed on my N8010 running on Jelly Bean. So is it just a case of swapping the current .tad.md5 file current installed in my tablet with the new .tad.md5 file when the official 4.4.2 for the N8010 is released.
One can only hope that SPen and multiscreen functionality comes back as before.
Installing N8000 firmware on your N8010 was a risk, and it's difficult to know what 'under the bonnet' changes have been made, and whether they are reversible.
On the face of it, when you get the 4.4.2 N8010 update, the install will be as decsribed here: