First issue it soft bricked on reboot, that was Revived with Odin and stock 4.3 PDA file,
Days later playing a game it was hot, black screened, when plugged in showed battery charge screen once, now only red led with battery removed. USB connected to computer pops up "QHSUSB-DLOAD" no driver

after reading ... reading... Its not even my phone thinking It needs a "SD debrick.img" for "Rogers i747m"
so I can get to download mode again and start Odin again? or send it out (Ontario Canada anyone?) Jtag
I bought two of these since first problem (one had bad USB port, replaced, now only power part of port works) other has the blue Dude inside, So now what? Does anyone have a boot to download mode SD card file.

P.S. I even made up a jig thingy, no go, it did work on the other one