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Thread: Samsung tab 311 bought in china, change the firmware?

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    In the end, I just used a previous version of Odin (3.4 instead of 3.9) to flash an original stock rom.

    Now the problem is that I have a new CWM that works with the volume up, volume down button, and this menu:
    - reboot system now
    - apply update from ADB
    - apply update from external storage
    - zipe data/factory reset
    - wipe cache partition
    - apply update from cache

    Since the rom is not really good, i wanted to flash another one , but the backup i did with the previous CWM i had (Philz Advanced CWM 6.08.90) is nowhere in the tablet anymore (i dont have any sd card) and i dont know how to make a back up with this CWM...

    So now the question is how to make a backup with this version of CWM so I can try to flash other roms, or how to get the version that i had before without takin any risk of brickin the device (so i can make another backup and try to flash another)?

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    Your recovery mode is now back to stock.
    You cannot install a custom rom from this.

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    Ok, my problem is resolved now.
    - I had to use the previous version of Odin (3.4) to flash a rom from this website
    - Then, I rooted the phone, reinstalling CWM philz version
    - I did a backup using CWM
    - Finally I flashed the custom rom using CWM

    Thank u all for helping
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