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Thread: Possible Soft Brick

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    Possible Soft Brick


    I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a GT-S6810E, its branded Entel PCS Chile, and in an attepmt to remove all the branded stuff I did something very silly apparently. I removed the default wallpapers located inside the \system\wallpapers folder. Nothing bad happened until i performed a factory reset to the phone. The factory reset succeded but when the first boot finished the phone now crashes when displaying the initial welcome and basic configurations menu.

    Now the problem is: I actually tried to de-brand this phone because I could not get Odin to install any debranded firmware to it. That is the problem, because now I need to use Odin and put the original stock firmware to it and fix the issue.

    What are my options? Is there another method to install a Rom without Odin?

    Thanks a lot in advance


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    Hi Dan,
    One small chance is, start Kiess and do so :

    You do not need to have your phone turned on or plugged in to the computer, just take the battery out until you have finished and Screenshot please

    1, remove battery from the phone and DO NOT PUT BACK IN for the remainder of these instructions
    2, underneath the battery on the phone is the imei# and serial#
    3, you need the serial# and leave the battery out for this task
    4, now start Kies that is on your P.C and make sure you have a internet connection
    5, from the menu bar go to Tools and select firmware upgrade and initialization
    6, enter the model GT-S6810E (make sure its CAPITALS GT-S6810E
    7, enter serial# (CAPITALS again)
    8, press OK to initalize (dont worry you should not have a battery in )
    9, this will now give you the string = Initialised version PDA:*** / PHONE:*** / CSC:*** (***) this is what we want to see
    10, now take a screenshot and post back here.

    Good luck :-)

    P.S. As this option will not be successful, look for the help here :
    [ Login above or register to see download links. ]
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