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Thread: Help galaxy s4 SPH-L720T

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    Help galaxy s4 SPH-L720T

    I put on kernals and rom thinking i had sph-l720
    can someone guide me to get my normal phone back.. i have been working on this for like 7 hours now.please help

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    Oh dear.
    What state is your phone in?
    Can you still go into download mode?
    Do you still have recovery mode?

    Any messages during the flash?

    The main difference is in the modem, so you may have corrupted your EFS folder and your IMEI number.

    If you dial *#06# you will get the recorded IMEI number.
    Compare this to the number under your battery.

    If different, can you post the first 6 numbers only of the change number.
    Do not post your actual IMEI.

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