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Thread: GT-i0505 Restore Original device status

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    Question GT-i0505 Restore Original device status

    Hi All:

    I had Rooted my S4, GT-I9505 using VRoot but it changed the status of the device, incredibly it made and OTA update, and since then I have lost Root (and the ability to root again whit VROOT) and the OTA capacity because it says that my device has been modified.

    I wish to Know how to restore permanently the Original Status of mi GT-I9505 S4, since I will not root it again (at least for the moment).

    Thanks a lot for your replys.

    Helio Regalado

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    Hi mate,
    If you have Android this 4.4.2 on the today's day, status will not give oneself to restore - official. Can you install now what you only want and when :-). I probably am already tired on today because I do not know if tringle works on 4.4.2 :-), soory for a lot of work...KNOX I now :-) but tringleaway...
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    Root, changed your status to custom.
    This is normal, and usually removed with the TriangleAway app from the Play Store.

    Unfortunately, TriangleAway needs root, and the OTA took that away.

    Unless you have a need to take to Samsung Service for warranty claim, I would leave things as they are.

    Having a Custom flag will stop OTA updates, but not Kies.

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    green, help !!! please remove this post
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