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Thread: Can I "Re brand a Verizon Note 10.1 SCH-l925" to T-mobiles even if LTE Bands not avai

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    Can I "Re brand a Verizon Note 10.1 SCH-l925" to T-mobiles even if LTE Bands not avai

    I bought a Verizon Note 10.1 in November before they screwed up my bill for the 3rd time and were throttling my grandfathered in unlimited data and finally divorced their a**'$. I'm kinda bitter at Samsung not making enough dev edition phones or unlocking the boot-loader unless you put your hand on a bible.

    OK so.......... with that being said is it possible and would Samsung be nice enough to release something to android 4.3 ? (that doesn't have Verizon's boot animation) that I can unlock a boot-loader? I Do use wifi with that device and it is fully paid for. Just want a easily unlockable bootloader so I can have fun with it and tinkering. I would rather have a unlock-able boot loader and have Google android boot animation than Verizon's! I know how to use Odin just dont know if its possible / legal but I own it. I REALLY TRULY am getting faster LTE speeds with t-mobile.

    Can you or Sam help a Apple hater, ton of Sam phones (kids plus bricks -honesty) Samsung phone, tablet and TV guy out?

    Verizon Galaxy Note 10.1 SCH-l925 Baseband Version l925VRAMH2. There is a Verizon update on Kies which I havent wanted to even try. Verizon is kinda like the Yankees.....they suck!

    hope your not pin stripe fan.

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    Take it you have never heard the phrase ' less is more'

    Samsung do not lock bootloaders, but your SCH-I925 may be network locked to Verizon.
    To install a stock firmware you have to unlock your device from the network.
    For a custom firmware you do not have to unlock the device.

    To debrand and install a stock firmware the procedure is:
    1. Unlock your device from the network.
    2. Install an 'open' firmware.
    3. Go to Recovery Mode and Clear Cache then Clear Data to complete the debrand.

    To install a custom firmware take a look here:

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