Don't have access to a voda sim.

I got fed up with this and as I have 2 other S3s here I ripped them apart and checked the build numbers on the PCB to this one. They both had identical numbers on, build date and whatever.

Using Kies I entered model number then serial from one of the other phones, connected this one and let it download. It is now orange branded and on 4.1.2, it has a stuffed IMEI (to be expected) and Kies says it is the latest firmware available.

It connects to Orange or T-Mobile giving me a message that my SIM card can't use this network and it will connect to O2 as but I don't have an activated SIM , the O2 that is in is a new one with no credit on.

I need to try it now with it's proper SIM, can't do that until tomorrow. Not really expecting it to work with a stuffed IMEI but one never knows. I suppose the next thing is to get it's correct IMEI back.

Interestingly *#0011# does not show "IMEI CERTI:FAIL" anymore. That must be good.