The recent Update (Suppose to be stability updated) BNB2 version India sucks...It has killed my happiness....The phone hangs,dead slow,apps crashes..Previous MK3 version was better off..Dont know is Samsung guys ever test the version before releasing to all.....Pathetic..Will try factory reseting today and lets see....They are killing their reputation in the market with such pathetic updates....Appreciate immediate update from Samsung Team to get this worked....

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There was an updated so i updated, ever since that day this phone has made my life miserable. ever since that update i have reset the phone every alternate day. Then i downloaded the latest updated (I9082XXUBMK8_I9082OJVBMJ1_KSA). i downloaded odin 3.09 and updated it through odin. but still the issue remains. one of the blog says that the phone is reset if you update via odin, but my phone was not reset automatically. i am not sure whats wrong or am i mssing something or am i doing it wrongly. I am keep the minimal data stored in phone or card due to this problem.
I was a strong supporter of Samsung Galaxy but now i feel like cheated.

by the way, i am staying in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I would appreciate if you give me advise to resolve this and also let me know i can upgrade it to new version. though my phone is in warranty but service centers in Riyadh (KSA) sucks. they dont know any thing. i am ready to loose my warranty. but please help.

version is 4.2.2 and not as mentioned in subject.