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Thread: ROM questions

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    ROM questions


    I have some questions about rom flashing. Sorry for my bad english, its not my first language.
    - Can I download some ROM in Sammobile or anywhere with 3 archives instead 1?
    - Is better to install a 3 archives ROM than a 1 archive ROM?
    - If I have a rooted and unlocked phone and I flash an stock ROM over, I still have rooted and unlocked or I lost it? It depends if I use a ROM with PHE carrier or YOG carrier in example? (for spain)

    Thank you

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    -Yes you can download a Rom from Sammobile, go to the firmware page.
    -such a thing does not matter
    - most likely you will lose your root. I think you are not lose the unlocked phone. (But I donīt know)

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