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Thread: S8530XPKJ1 Online! (RELEASED)

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    can anyone help in Gtalk and facebook please

    thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by kanimp View Post
    How to reinstall back to 1.2
    You should follow like that: (It works for my S8530)
    - Choose full firmware (##)
    - Choose Multi 5.65
    - Flash with: LSI ----(Fulldownload+Master Rom)----onther files
    - When All files completed, do not disconnect with PC
    - Port search again
    - Flash again with: LSI ---(fulldownload)--other files
    It works for me when downgrading to S8530DXJL2 and S8530DXJK6

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    you must only flash twice if you wanna update to some rom. Full-Flash requires just one flash..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamFirmware View Post
    Samsung S8530 Wave II.
    Firmware: S8530XPKJ1 S8530OXAKJ1 OXA




    Are you PREMIUM?
    (Premium users could download the multiupload version please read the rules!)

    - This FW is compiled on 5th October
    - Youtube working fine
    - Caster working fine which was not workikng properly in earlier versions.
    - Important thing in this version that flash is working, but its not working perfectly for eg. youtube flash videos are still not playable.
    - Facebook[Upgraded version included in this version] & Twitter working very good ad fast.
    - Emails working fine.
    - Social hub[Basicplus] working perfectly.
    - All the IM's working great[Yahoo,Msn & Google]
    - Dolphin browser is faster than before.
    - Gps lock is fixed in this version almost gps lock is much faster than bada 1.2.
    - Camera is working better in terms of rotation.
    - Allshare working good.
    - The highlight of the rom is [email protected] On is included and its working awesomely good. The latest version of chat on is included. So hats Off for that to samsung amazing service.
    - Samsung apps working fine.
    - Google application working fine.
    - Also a problem is solved that before this version whenever we go on it was showing to upgrade to bada 2.0 but after flashing this version that msg has gone and we can access google maps from browser.
    - Before when we had to open the .mkv(matroska) video file formats from the videos section it took a lot of time to load coz of hd movies but now that delay time is almost gone and the video processing speed is good.
    - Java apps. are working fine.
    - Syncing with kies is working.

    Known Bugs
    - Push notification for email not working correctly.
    - Lockscreen lags sometimes when we unlock the phone.
    - No live wallpapers.
    - Apart from samsung apps themes we cannot install any third party themes directly by copying to memory card.
    - Still not a complete set of widgets are given in this version like Social feeds etc.
    - Updated flash version is not provided.
    - Voice command application has a bug that it doesnt recognize the words in some commands.
    - For twitter push notifications are not available.


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    i want tutorial steps to flash my device and even roll back steps to stay on 1.2

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