I'm new to this forum so if I step on any rules, plz understand it's unintentional. My problem is this:

I picked up a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE (32GB) of eBay - the feedback was great and the phone arrived as intended. However, now in South Africa - the firmware either OTA or KIES3 seems to go up to about 30% and then indicates ERROR and doesn't allow me to upgrade the firmware to KIT KAT e.g. 4.4

I don't want to root the phone nor get more technical than required with this phone as I use it for personal and business calls and it's associated use therein. Can ANYONE shed some light on how to upgrade this phone SAFELY to it's intended upgradeable FIRMWARE. I've listed what KIES3 has provided and any other relevant info as applicable :-

Current firmware version : PDA:MI7 / PHONE:MI5 / CSC:MI7 (TGY)
Latest firmware version : PDA:MK1 / PHONE:MJ9 / CSC:MK1 (TGY) [it doesn't complete the upgrade!]

Model - SM-N9005
Baseband version: N9005XXUBMI5
Kernel Version: 3.4.0-1626679; [email protected]#1; Wed Sep 11 19:48:23 KST 2013
Build number: JSS15J.N9005XHUBMI7

Thanks for your help!