Hi Everyone,
Good Day.
I am new here and i hope you could help me on my concern.

I have a Samsung GT-I9100g (made in vietnam) bought by my sister in Libya. She actually already used the phone and when she gave it to me, i did a factory reset (power+home+volup) to reset everything. after the reset the wifi won't work anymore. i cannot even turn the wifi on. So, i did a little research to fix - flashing via odin, try customs - but still not working. i am not denying the fact that this could be a board problem.
but i would like to know the other options on how to fix this and how to know that this is already a board problem.

if, this is actually a board problem... can i send my phone to any samsung service center here in the Philippines to fix this? one of the service center here denied fixing my phone since it was not bought here in the Phils.
Can Samsung Phils fix my phone?

Thank you for your help.