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Thread: Newbie error with Odin + Stock Rom on GS3 4.3

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    Newbie error with Odin + Stock Rom on GS3 4.3


    I am a new guy and i hardly know about flashing firmwares on GS3 SGH-I747 phone. I have a ATT Galaxy S3 which i just updated to 4.3 before a few days. I wanted to install a few applications requiring root so i tried to root it using Odin v3.x and the Following two to three firmwares:


    I747UCDLK3_I747ATTDLK3_I747UCDLK3_HOME.tar.md5 - This is the stock ATT firmware.

    However, Odin fails both the times with the latter one giving the Error message on the Phone as:

    SW REV CHECK FAIL: Fused 2 > Binary 0

    Is there any way i can bring my phone back again?


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    Take a look here:

    SW REV. CHECK FAIL : fused:2, Binary: 1 is when you try to downgrade aboot.mbn (bootloader) or try to flash incorrect system/csc etc..
    If you get this message , just reboot in Download mode and flash correct package

    and here

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