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Thread: galaxy s4 does not recognize any sim card

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    galaxy s4 does not recognize any sim card


    a month ago I got a new S4 all was nice and well until he just didnt recognize my sim card or any other sim card. So I flashed it, did no good. So I left it with the provider and demanded a new one. They checked it out and told me that it a firmware problem. But it all seems so fishy. Can anyone help me with some info about a situation like mine? I dont trust the retailer and I wanna just check out if that really is the case, what that problem is and if it is gonna happen again when I do another update?
    please help


    just desperate drejchi

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    Flashing the firmware is probably where you went wrong.
    Updating with Kies would have retained your warranty.

    I would guess that flashing the firmware has changed your IMEI.
    Look in Settings > More > About phone and check number against the IMEI number under your battery.

    If Kies will recognise your phone, try to reinstall the firmware using the Tools menu.

    Alternatively, install CheckFUS and post your firmware and Product Code, so we know what we are dealing with.

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