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Thread: kies via wifi after newest firmware update.

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    kies via wifi after newest firmware update.

    Prior to the newest firmware update (4.3) I could kies via wifi on my S3 However now it is not in the settings as it previously was… did they remove this entirely with the new update or am i just not looking in the right place within the phone.

    yes my kies on my macbook pro is up to date with kies 3.

    i know i have to turn on nfc and be connected to the same wifi as my computer however it is not connecting as before you also used to have to turn on "kies via wifi"
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    Guess you are talking about Kies air.
    I never use it, but perhaps it hasn't been updated for Kies3.

    If backing up files is your intention, try using the Helium app from the Play Store.

    For photo's and files, then I find Dropbox very good, and as it is a Cloud storage, provides another safe storage for those precious photo' s.
    Files are automatically updated when in a wifi area.

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