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Thread: Problem with 4.3 update

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    If I'm not mistaken the MK6 is at the moment the latest update available.I understood that those who got an update via ota or kies took them to mk6. I have the mk6 and as said the wake up lag is there. To be honest my s3 never excelled in wake up speed, even with previous fw, nevertheless how it is now it is annoying. Luckily it is not the long waits as in previous updates but still a bit more of responsiveness will be much appreciated ☺
    Cheers Fulvio

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    thanks man

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    Quote Originally Posted by fulvy70 View Post
    If I'm not mistaken the MK6 is at the moment the latest update available.Cheers Fulvio
    Yes it is, the previous one was removed completely.

    However I do believe the MK6 still had that very small update (according to some users that is, whether that was the BTU or the European one I do not know at the moment).

    You can try it in Kies if you want, you do not have to proceed if you do not want to. But it will remain MK6 even if you take it.

    It is possible you already have it, if it is now merged, but that is not how I understood it.

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    I think - from my personnal experience - that this is an issue and not a problem. Because since I started to buy Samsung devices (smartphones) I always noticed that the lockscreen showed up after a while (yes I feel your pain, this is very annoying).

    So I don't think that this is even an resolvable issue. I mean, Nature UX + Android is a whole bunch of bloatware with really nice FX but extremelly RAM-eating. Each time I switch from AOSP to Sammy, I regret.

    If you are rooted, you can may be try to use the V6SuperCharger Script which is simply awesome. I haven't tried on Sammy-based ROM but I can say without any doubt that on CyanogenMod, there is simply no lag, no one, never noticed, even while hard-multitasking. But the question is : will it help our beloved Official released ROM?...

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