I am really starting to believe that Samsung is penalising those of us who chose to get into their technology early.

I have the following devices - all of which were headers / flagship devices

The original 10.1 tablet WIFI - NO updates since 4.1.2
The international S3 - Running the leaked 4.2.2 ROM (which was never released to production - and 4.3 is turning to a joke)
The 2012 Note 10.1 WIFI - Totally forgotten in the upgrades

all of which appear to have been forgotten about by Samsung in their firmware updates.

I know I may be insignificant to Samsung but after being forgotten by them I will not be going out tomorrow to buy their Note III, which I was about to do ( it really annoys me as it is a lovely piece of hardware). They do just not care about their customers.

I love their hardware but their updates stink.

Sorry Samsung - one very loyal customer gone.