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Thread: How to flash I9505XXUEMJ9_I9505VIAEMJ3_VIA (germany o2) using Odin v3.09?

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    Lightbulb How to flash I9505XXUEMJ9_I9505VIAEMJ3_VIA (germany o2) using Odin v3.09?

    After extracting the downloaded file i was confused that only two files came out of it: 5

    I expected more files. So how do i flash it with Odin v3.09?

    Do i have to set this one file as AP, CP and CSC?

    I donīt want to screw my S4 so i better ask first

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    this PDA file includes all the other files

    you can find the tutorial with images [ Login above or register to see download links. ]


    1. Extract the odin file from the zip (DON'T BOTHER THE 2 PIT FILES INSIDE)
    2. Open odin3
    3. Put your device in download mode. To do so, press vol- while pressing the power button. You should have a triangle with an android janitor while it's saying downloading... I'll put a picture of it below.
    4. You should see a yellow rectangle with COM:xx and saying ready. It means that your device is ready to be flashed!
    5. Go into the PDA section and take your .tar file.
    6. When you're done with this, ensure that the file you have is for your device.
    7. If a .pit file was selected when trying to flash, ensure that re-partition at the left is UNCHECKED!!
    8. Press the flash button
    9. When it's finished, it should say that it's done with a green box and your device should reboot by itself
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