Hey Guys, ive scoured google for 2 days now trying to find a way to fix my phone.

two days ago i was doing some work and i left my phone on the table, and later i found out that the battery was low and it had shut off. But when i looked at it, it was just flashing the "samsung galaxy s2 gt-i9100" text logo. (and not the animation circle logo.)

I tried turning it off, didnt work so i thought it had frozen which happens, so i took out the battery and put it back in again.

Then i tried to plug it into my recharger, and it was showing a grey battery icon and was frozen on that screen always, the screen doesnt turn off, the battery icon isn't showing that its charging. doesnt change, just shows the same empty battery grey icon with the refresh circle-arrow in the middle.

I tried taking the battery out leaving it out for 5 minutes, draining the battery from the phone by holding the power button for 10 seconds, then trying to charge the phone. Same issue, only showing the grey battery icon when trying to charge and it never changes or goes away.

SO i tried to boot up the phone, but it wont go past the samsung text logo.

I tried entering recovery, but it just freezes on the samsung text logo.

I can enter Odin download mode, and ive tried installing several different both stock, original and CMW roms, and nothing changes. (except if i use gingerbread, then the grey battery icon just keeps flashing off and on in 5 second intervals when plugged into the charger.)

Ive tried taking the battery out for 8 hours and try booting it, no change.
Ive tried changing the battery, no change (think it has low bat as well maybe).
Ive tried leaving it plugged in overnight, but that only drained whatever power i had left over in one of the batteries.
Ive tried some of the siyah and doriman kernels, and they add a loading bar which gets full on the samsung text screen,
but then freezes after that.

Im losing my mind here, ive tried almost everything i can think of. And would really appreciate any help on this.