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Thread: Unable to retrieve Contacts from Kies backup

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    Unable to retrieve Contacts from Kies backup

    Hi There,

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 has started freezing and rebooting by itself after receiving the latest official Firmware upgrade which is the 4.1.1. I have backed up the phone contacts via Kies and via merging the contacts with the Gmail account. I did a factory reset to the phone and tried to restore the contacts via Kies however the contacts are not coming through. Can you please advise if there is anyway I can retrieve the contacts.

    I have tried to retrieve the contacts via the Gmail account, however the contacts are not showing up within the Gmail account either, even though the g icon was showing up next to the contacts when I merged the contacts with Gmail.

    Any help would be appreciated



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    Go to to make sure they are synced with your Google account. Then if they are go to settings-accounts and sync and make sure your Google account is set to sync contacts if it is and they don't sync uncheck it then check it again and it should start syncing. Then you can restore deleted contacts.
    Hope this helps
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