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Thread: How to flash stock rom ?

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    Question How to flash stock rom ?

    Please tell me where can i download odin compatable with galaxy core.
    I don't to want risk my phone.
    Has anyone successfully flashed stock rom??
    please share your experience with us noobs

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    1. Install usb drivers on pc....
    2. restart ur pc
    3. Download the ODIN & save it in your PC and extract its content to Desktop.
    4. Download the update && save it in your PC and extract the update file on your Desktop.
    5. Boot your Galaxy Core into the Download mode by pressing [ Volume down + Menu + power ] buttons on the same time.
    6. now ur phone will boot into download mode ........u will see a "WARNING"
    7. now press "VOLUME UP" button to enter into download mode
    8. Now open "ODIN 3.07.exe" on desktop & attach ur phone to ur pc using stock usb cable.
    9. When the connection is established with odin , u will be notified with the “added” message that will be displayed on the Odin interface, the ID:COM section should be colored on yellow or blue.
    10. click on PDA button && select the Gt-i8262XXXXXX_i8262XXXXXX_XXXHOME.tar u extracted on desktop [file name may differ ]
    11. now click on "START" button & it will take 10 minutes to flash the firmware ....

    please DON'T interrupt the flashing process, it may brick ur device [ soft or hard brick]

    12. U will see a "PASS" & "RESET" on ODIN application...

    14. Ur phone will reboot automatically & u should be booted successfully ....

    15. done

    press THANX IF I HELP U.

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