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Thread: Volume buttons not working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by winnywood [ Login above or register to see download links. ]

    Just one other thing how do you do a screen capture on this phone because ive managed to do it twice by accident ive tryed the power and home key simultaneously and carn't get that to work.
    I used to find taking screen shots so frustrating.
    Never really mastered it, so got this app.
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    On the Samsung Galaxy I9000 you’re able to take screen captures of about anything that’s happening on your phone. To accomplish this what you need to press is the Home Key while holding down the Return Key.

    So there are no volume keys required...

    Could be that both buttons are broken or that a soldering on the mainboard is busted...If it's a soldering then it's either replacing the mainboard or perform some very VERY neat and carefull soldering (if possible at all depending on the location of the part that has to be soldered)...

    could also be that something is wrong with the rocker; best thing to test this is to remove the back cover, switch on your SGS and press vol up and/or volume down. If this works then the rocker in the backcover is faulty. Depending on what's wrong either remove and replace the rocker or remove and replace the complete backcover...the rocker hinges on a small pin located in the backcover and that might be broken...
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    You say it! I very much agree with your point of view!I hope to be able to see your published posts.

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    Hi All,
    I'm having same problem. my volume DOWN working good, but volume UP not working. I forgot my Phone PIN Lock since the digitizer + lcd was broken and have been replaced after around 1 month. Can't get into fastboot neither download mode. I need either to wipe or flash my S4, but how to do it with volume UP not working? Really appreciate your help.

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