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    Question What is the correct way to flash?

    Hey, I wanna know whats the correct way to flash, Some people say to tick Boot Change, Full Download, and Master Rom

    Some say just Full Download,

    Some say Boot Change and Full Download?

    Whats the difference? And when do I do which?

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    Check this thread: [ Login above or register to see download links. ]
    It's even a sticky... you did search before asking, right?
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    Thank you for your reply, yes I did see that thread, I probably should have posted this question there, sorry.

    I wasn't asking the difference between patch-flashing and full flashing though.

    I meant for a full flash sometimes you need to tick all 3 boxes and sometimes just 1 and sometimes 2.

    Why isn't full flashing the same every time in terms of the options?

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