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    Help needed with Samsung Galaxy SII (SHW-M250K)

    Hello Guys!!

    I am a in lot of tension at the moment and would like to have my questions answered as soon as possible by someone.. it would be most appreciated.

    My friend has a Korean S2 (SHW-M250K) and I accidentally flashed an International version LPG on it via PC Odin... as expected the flashing did not complete and showed an error.. and the phone got stuck on some screen during boot on which only "Upgrade" was written and something in Korean Language..

    I took the phone to a software repairing shop... he flashed an M250K rom on it but the phone still got stuck on Galaxy SII screen while booting.. It showed some kind of a progress bar below it which completed but still the phone was stuck.. the guy said that there was some issue with him ROM and I need to come back some time later...

    I got back home and searched on the internet.. I found an M250K rom "M250K_HOME_M250K.UC08.2152_CL226872_REV02_use r_lo w _ship_source.jkh.tar.md5" I flashed this via Odin but the flashing didn't start and I got an error message in Odin " MD5 hash value is invalid ".. now the phone is still stuck on the booting "Galaxy SII screen"...

    Kindly tell me what to do??? I found another ROM but haven't tested it yet... ... was hoping that someone here might give me some expert advice on what to do..
    really looking forward to some response

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    theres a way to do that

    if u can manage odin, you can do this. search a firmware with PIT, PDA, MODEM, CSC. then u can flash it again and get work mobile again. coz i had the same issue and now it works

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    Same Error

    I get same error MD5 value invalid, I was NOT able to get PIT, PDA, MODEM, CSC anywhere. Please help me

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