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    PHIM you got a message! Take yare what you say!

    P.S. It is the spam filter blocking your posts..
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    C'est surement la connexion 3G qui n'est pas configuré.
    repondre "oui" à la boite de dialogue
    Si tu n'as pas de connexions déclarés dans la liste, il te faut en déclarer une ou deux ( une pour le WAP et une pour le MMS dans le cas d'Orange )
    Tu peux récupérer les paramètres à remplir sur le site de ton opérateur ( souvent dans la rubrique configuration de ton téléphone ).

    Basically , what he tried to say in FRENCH is exactly what I was trying to post many time, but was blocked for an approval from an idiot.

    Every time you flash your phone, all network connection were delleted. Thus you have to reconfigure your network connection again before you can surf the net with your phone 3G.

    The CONFIGURATION files are provided by your Network Provider throu their Website..

    For example, if you are with Virgin Network, then go to Virgin Network Website, under "Get setup/ Internet on Your Phone".. Then type in your Samsung Phone Number- click OK.. Then instantly your phone will receive 3 configuration Files ( one for WAP, one for MMS, and one for Internet)
    WAP for Tethering that allows your phone to be a Hotspot, throu which you can use your Laptop/netbook to connect to the internet whereever you are .
    MMS for Email etc..
    Internet- of course for obvious reason.

    Open, Read them and Click "Install" on the left screen for each..
    That's all you have to do..

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    Considering these "disavantages" before using your 3G Samsung as Hotspot to surf the Internet.

    1- Battery consumption is very high.. Your battery may run out very fast.

    2- The COST may be very high- Your Network provider MAY SURCHARGE you- And YOU may end up to PAY more on your BILL.. It depends on the PLAN (Contract) you signed with your Network provider. Normally you have 500MB/ month- some Network is more generous with 2-5Gigabytes offer.

    Anyway, I love this feature.. Every weekend I would go fishing at night. I 'd bring my Samsung Netbook (NC110) with me. While waiting for big fish biting- I can get in the Internet on the bank of the river- surfing news, Skype with my friends etc.. using my SamsungNetbook Wifi throu my Samsung phone (tethering).. Isn't it great convinience!!!

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    to solve the hangs its easy, go to settings, general, movements and disable it , no more problems with lockscreen and lag

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