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Thread: multiwindow

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    been looking into the new multiwindow feature. come to find out some phones were originally designed with the multiwindow installed but was later removed because it was to big to fit on the system. so my question is can samsung please release the files and what changes were made so that people who have removed their bloat files can have the feature. i have the sgh-t989 and i see that my phone has the images already in the frame work along with many smali files for multiwindow. now since i have removed all of tmobiles junk along with the specific apps/widgets/backgrounds/ect that dont get used i have all this extra room for my phone to be able to support the multiwindow and i would love to have the feature. come on samsung show them devs some love

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    I have encountered the same problem before , has been very confused. Thank you for sharing here!

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