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    Question Proximity sensor wake delay during call

    I have recently purchased Galaxy S3, and installed the latest update that was available on . The details of baseband version- I9300DDEMB1, Kernel version - 3.0.31-1042335

    During call proximity sensor have delay/lag on wake the screen when i remove it from my ear to enter some inputs from number pad e.g. during customer care centers call they asked may number to dial press 1 for this etc. etc. and screen took long to wake up and my options missed. When I want to choose extra volume during call and even disconnect the call it is very much annoying. There is one option in call settings that you can uncheck the option "turn-off the screen" during call. But why this normal feature not worked as it prevents from accident disconnect the call. During call screen should be instantly wake up so that we can use proximity sensor feature.
    If it is related to OS or something can be improved without rooting.
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    Nice tip
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobilecracker [ Login above or register to see download links. ]
    Nice tip
    What tip?
    The Op has a problem with proximity feature
    No tip, but solution requested.

    I too find this feature doesn't work well and best not to select in Phone > Settings
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    The only way I know so far (for those who don't want to root) is to use adb to grab the build.prop and edit it from the computer and then push it to the phone and use TWRP to replace the old build.prop with the new one and applying a little chmod 777 to permit it to be used by the system.

    It is tricky, but not that much at all. I'll make a tuto in a near future.

    N. B. : for those who want to know the commands with adb
    adb pull /system/build.prop /home/drakenlord78/Documents/
    (replace /home/drakenlord78/Documents with the path of the directory of your choice). And add at the very end of the document
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