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    GT-I9100 IMEI/Serial Repair Issue

    Hi, my username is SRS029989. When I attempted to repair my phone stock IMEI and serial number, I entered both the IMEI and serial and did the repair. Unfortunately, it only got my serial repaired. I have tried it several time with both the IMEI and serial number filled into the boxes and did the repair. It keep restoring my serial only. So I tried repairing with only the IMEI filled and it successfully repaired my IMEI. But then my serial revert back to 0000000000000. Since my credit is 0 now, I can't go back to repair my serial. Please help. Thanks.

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    People that handle SRS Unlock will give you a solution when they see your post, but just to comfort you, IMEI is the most important, cause phone functions won't work without it. Serial doesn't affect the phone. Mine changed to 000000000 when I updated to first ICS ROM and I've been using it since then with no problem whatsoever. Some ICS (if not all) are known to change the serial to 000000000. When flashing my first JB ROM on my SII the serial changed to the original one.

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    please download latest version on the website, now logon with the follow user credentials

    username: test
    password: 123unlock

    after this fill in the imei and SNR and you can repair the Serial of your device

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