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Thread: design issue

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    design issue

    recently I purchased the galaxy camera, great device, lots of innovation etc.
    However there is a fairly major issue with these devices.
    Ive just paid nearly the full retail price to have mine repaired on account of running an app that activated the camera.
    The device was being used as a GPS navigator, in a car, the app activates the video camera when the car speed is below 20km/h ( it's a car jacking evidence collection app basically) either way the lens then protrudes, the device pushes it's self out of it mount and gets damaged, damaging the lens and the mainboard behind it. The same thing happens if it's screen up on a table, the camera lens pushes the device up into the air.
    every time you turn this device on the lens extends, usually into the palm of your hand.
    remember this is a hybrid device a tablet/camera if you like. If it was just a camera, sure , one would expect the lens to be out constantly. But this device is held like a tablet, mounted in cars and left screen up on tables and desks.

    Samsung must know how to use proximity sensors and accelerometers yet they didn't think that you could check the path the lens will take, or not let it protrude if the accelerometer detects that it is camera down/screen up ?
    It will cost $450 to have this fixed, and Samsung dont seem tho think this is a design issue
    I'm curious to see how many others have issues with this device, and if you do own one, be very very carefull, the lens mechanism is extremely weak and prone to breakages.

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    Thanks for letting us know we will talk about it at MWC

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    OK I feel for you and all but I have to say this isn't really a samsung defect when it comes down to things. The fact is that as consumers we must be aware of the features of the products we use and it sounds like you just ignored the fact which you noted yourself.... The camera lens protrudes when activated by several features or operations. I agree that because this is both a camera and PDA hybrid device it would be nice if the lens did not extend upon some operations, but it is primarily designed as a camera so what you were choosing to use it for in the car was technically your choice and ultimately the lens breaking is Lind of your fault as well. Sorry if I sound rude or whatever but I just don't agree with you calling this a design flaw. It may be something for samsung to think about in future release but its not a flaw that will even possibly affect others because I own a galaxy camera and I saw right away that the lens comes out with certain operations so I learned to be careful not to lay it on a table face down or put it in any situations that the lens would pop out and possibly break. Its kind of common sense dude.

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    bit late joining in but I'm confused, if the lens pushed the camera out of the mount then it sounds like the lens would be obscured anyway so what is point of the app? was this app designed for the camera??

    I would also disagree it isn't a hybrid its a camera.

    Think the problem ius yours so you need to take ownership of it

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    I've had my new Galaxy camera for 2.5 weeks. It is an amazing piece of tech. Having Android as an OS in addition to the outstanding glass and zoom Is nothing but a huge plus. I've had very experienced photographers gasp at the photos this thing takes. A couple of them even made the comment that digital devices like the Galaxy camera have made everyone a pro photographer. Yes, they were somewhat kidding, but also serious. Don't use it as a phone or tablet. Put apps on that are related to photography or social; what it was designed for.

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