View Full Version : [General] Galaxy watch active 2 remote connect

27-02-2021, 19:19
I have a galaxy watch active 2 and a Samsung S8+. Way back, like a year ago, remote connection to the phone worked excellent. When the bluetooth lost connection, wifi was enabled and the watch was remote connected to phone over wifi. Worked like a charm.

Then, it all started with the previous update of the watch (fall of 2020) after which the remote connection failed to work. Eventually I resolved it through reset of watch and then restore everything except settings during re-pairing process.

Then I got the security update of January 2021 for the S8+ phone. Shortly afterwards I received the recent watch update as well (with new health functions etc). After that it is not working at all.

Wifi Network infrastructure has been the same throughout. What I have done to recover is the following at the same time
- factory reset watch
- remove wearable app remove galaxy watch active 2 plugin
- reset the network settings of the phone

After thatI have re-paired but without restoring watch backup (I.e. all watch settings per default).

Still not working.
(Yes, the watch has network access and when I try other watch apps over wifi)

Anyone having any idea?