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19-12-2020, 04:28
Galaxy buds low volume on right side bud
How to fix it?

19-12-2020, 07:20
Galaxy buds low volume on right side bud
How to fix it?

Hi there

Did you do a reset of your Buds?


05-04-2021, 11:05
I have Samsung buds but when i play Pubg or another mobile games i feel that there is a lots of latency in these buds can anyone suggest me the best buds for gaming without latency.

12-04-2021, 09:48
My phone also have lagging issue when i play pubg and another mobile games box (https://movieboxpro.site/).

15-04-2021, 19:07
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06-08-2021, 11:52
In fact, this is a fairly common problem with all Samsung buds. Speaking of which, how long have you been using these buds? It often happens that over time, too much earwax can get into the headphones and the sound becomes quieter.
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These earbuds will be a great replacement for your Samsung Buds in case you can't fix your low sound problem.

31-08-2021, 06:23
Okay, so a bit background of my situation, I bought samsung galaxy buds in December 2019 and they were working flawlessly.

Till May 2020, they were really good and after that I suddenly noticed that my left bud sounded a bit dimmer than the right one.

I first tried hard resetting, discharging it and again charging it, only to find it still the same.

I then went online and found out that maybe earwax was stuck inside that bud, so I tried alcohol swaps and nail polish remover dabbed in a q tip.

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