View Full Version : [General] Galaxy Watch 3 heating while charging.

Michael Gn
08-09-2020, 14:29

Does somebody experience Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 heating while charging with charger supplied with the watch?
I have original Samsung double phone-watch charger which was OK with Galaxy Watch albeit also heating from time to time.
I don't know is it the charger or watch.


14-03-2021, 10:28
Either the charger has too small of capacity to charge the `phone and it is pumping its little guts out trying to charge the ` 9apps (https://9apps.ooo/download/) phone or it is defective.

19-03-2021, 09:08
I've the same here with my 46mm silver Galaxy Watch. It's getting really hot when charging for 20+ minutes. I don't know if it's normal.
Have you got the watch cooling message on the screen after charging? I saw some people posting images of their screens with this message. I'll wait, perhaps the message will come up while I finish the school task to do my homework (https://www.domyhomework4me.onl/) quiz.