View Full Version : [General] I gave up activating esim for my S3 Frontier LTE please help

04-10-2019, 12:59
Hi All,
Two years back I went to Singapore and bought Gear S3 Frontier LTE watch, it was just released and it was not in Malaysia yet(my country) later on , the watch was released in Malaysia but with no LTE support.
well, I was quiet happy with my watch and I decided to wait till the Malaysian Telecos release the esim so I can downloaded and use my full watch capabilities. I tried almost all the Telecos here esim , nothing is working on my watch!! I do not believe that just because the LTE watch was not released in Malaysia and I bought it from Singapore that it only supports Singaporean Telecos?!!
Well, the error message that I always get is ( Unable to connect to the server please check your network connection or contact your service Provider), I really appreciate your help