View Full Version : [General] Gear VR worth it in 2019?

05-07-2019, 20:49
Hello everyone,,
I think GearVR is still a great value. There are over 1,000 apps for it. It's great if you're a sports fan, movie fan, or you're interested in VR games.

That said, you may want to consider Oculus Go instead, despite GearVR having the same library and some additional features. GearVR is anywhere between $50 on sale to $130 new with a motion controller. Oculus Go is $199 for 32GB and $249 for 64GB.

Oculus Go doesn't require your phone and will play most of the same content as GearVR, which means it won't drain your phone battery while you use it. That said, there are a few benefits to GearVR.

Supports all apps, including some that aren't on Oculus Go yet(like Minecraft and Samsung Phonecast).

Has diopter adjustment to allow the user to tailor the image to make it the best for them.

Has a camera, which allows you to passthrough an image of the real world into your headset.

Supports Google Play services, which is useful for some apps.

Has a touchpad, which is useful if you don't have your controller nearby.

Uses OLED instead of LCD, so the image quality is better in some cases.
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A full battery Galaxy S8 will last longer vs. a full battery Oculus Go.

Much easier to load it with content or download content directly to your phone, instead of using ADB on Go.

Support Notifications(Oculus Go doesn't for now).

I still think it's great, and it's a good value especially if you can find GearVR on sale or used…

09-09-2019, 03:30
If you can find the GearVR for a good price then yeah. I got mine from my boss. I only use it for 360 videos.

09-09-2019, 11:59
as the above comment said it's worth it if you can get them at a good price and if you have what to do with them ( playing games watching movies ...)
if not don't waste your money
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