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22-05-2019, 10:41
Hi everyone. New here and brace yourselves, it's a long first post.

I've had my Gear Frontier now for almost 12 months, but over time I've become a little despondent with a few issues I feel could be better.
I am running the latest Tizen 3.0 update and have a Sony Xperia X handset which I use just for the Gear Frontier. I don't use the phone as such as Android is not my choice of OS for various reasons.
I don't use the watch for calls or any other communications, just for keeping track of steps, heartrate etc plus a few apps that don't require connection to a phone.
In this case the issue I'm having is the watch is constantly nagging me to connect via Bluetooth every so often. Before the update to Tizen 3.0 I managed to sort this issue out and could wear the watch without lugging the Android handset around with me, but since upgrading to Tizen 3.0 and Samsung shuffling all the settings around I've been unable to cure the issue.

Another issue I have is since the update to Tizen 3.0 the functions of the buttons don't correspond with those of other Gear Frontiers. My "Home" button does nothing, whereas when comparing it to other people's watches that button brings up the apps menu. Instead I have to press both buttons. I also have to press and hold both buttons to turn the watch off and doing so brings up Samsung Pay, which I then have to cancel to get to the power off screen.
I have reset the watch numerous times to try and resolve the issues but to no avail.

As extra info: The phone I use is another Sony Xperia X which has been re-flashed with SailfishX OS with Android apps support via Alien Dalvik and the OS developers are currently working on bringing wearables support to the OS. Until then although Galaxy Wearables app installs on Sailfish the OS will not allow connections through the app.
Any advice/ideas are welcome.
Thanks in advance.

22-05-2019, 12:49
Hi there

A correct function of your Gear S3 can only be guaranteed, if you're using OFFICIAL Android-versions and no "Custom ROM"...

28-05-2019, 22:56
Thanks for replying, but it only confirms what I already know, that the watch is incompatible with SailfishOS at present.
As an update, I decided to take the watch to a Samsung Service Centre where they investigated the aforementioned problems and agreed that the watch was not performing as expected.
So they booked the watch in for warranty repair. 2 hours later they had replaced the screen, motherboard and bezel.
The watch now works correctly with the home button displaying the apps screen and no more Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

18-09-2019, 13:27
Thanks for sharing this piece of information. There are people around the world suffering from the wrath of insomnia.