View Full Version : [General] Galaxy Watch ticking? Not mine!

30-12-2018, 14:15
Hi all,
although it is just a fun thing I like to hear the ticking sound but it does not work. I chose the watch face with ticking sound, I turned on the sound, I cranked up the volume, put the watch almost in my ear but ... still NO sound.
What do I do wrong? Just like to hear the ticking sound once. Just once.

22-05-2019, 15:06
My SGW_46mm does it, don't remember with which watchface, but i tried it, and it ticked.
You have to listen very carefully, if you can in a room without any noices, or noice coming from outside.
If you live in a busy city, maybe you can't hear it, if you heave loss of hearing, it gets more difficult to hear the ticking.

If you want to know, with what watchface i heard the tickingsound let me know, and i will try to find the watchface again for you !

Have a great day,

Leo :o