View Full Version : [Firmware] Gear 2 update--roll back helpful for hand issues

04-05-2018, 18:07
I was in love with my Gear 2, but with the update, it seems one has to use the buttons rather a lot to return to screens, go back, etc. It may seem a small thing, but one of the reasons I loved the gear prior to the update was the ease of use--I have sporadic hand/ dexterity problems and not having to manipulate even the bezel was very very helpful. I could just touch the screen and whiz around. Now, there's even limited use of the bezel and it seems about impossible to maneuver through menus without the buttons on the side, which can be difficult to manipulate.

If I reset the gear, will it inevitably download the new update? I know usually one can "resist" an update, but I'm not sure since this is the first wearable from Samsung I've had. Any advice or input appreciated.

16-07-2018, 06:44
Hi there fellow Texan!!

Yes you can.

Follow few instructions. Seems hard at first, but is easy after all. Just a lot of tiny important steps.


Look for a stock rom on xda or internet.