View Full Version : [General] Topgraphic maps on Gear S3 (or S2)

24-12-2017, 10:58
After using two years the Gear S2, the lack of topgraphic maps let me switch to an Apple Watch and also an iPhone. (My Galaxy S6 died the same time)
Apple iPhones have more issues as Samsung since iOS11, so I like to return to Samsung. But I need topographic maps on my smartwatch and Apple Watches aren't compatible with Android.

Both on iOS as on Android I can use ViewRanger, my favorite topographic map app. It works on Android wear and WatchOS, but not on Tizen (at least I didn't found it).

Does somebody know a Topo app witch runs on Samsung watches?

When I walk in the woods, there're some walking ways I can follow on the smartphone using ViewRanger. The intention is not to need to look everytime on my smartphone.

Thanks a lot!