View Full Version : [General] PDF reader on my Gear S3

28-09-2017, 23:00
I need a free pdf reader

04-07-2018, 13:38
Even if you need just a reader for a phone there are no free solutions good enough. There's Adobe Reader e.g. and it's free, but it works like a crap (bet things are even worse with S3) because of how much RAM does it require to work. There are some alternatives yet none of them are free or good enough. I use this one https://boston-real-estate-board-form.pdffiller.com/ because it's a pretty lightweight one as well as has more features than just a reader. As far as I remember, it has a free trial, so maybe you should try to work this out

20-09-2021, 09:55
I need a free pdf reader Omegle Chat (https://www.omegle.zone/)

Why would you want one? Reading 8.5"x11" documents on a 1" screen sounds like you're just begging for eye strain.