View Full Version : [General] I don't have the Samsung Pay option on my Gear S2 (UK)

29-05-2017, 05:56

I have tried setting up SamsungPay today for my Gear S2 but I cannot see the "SamsungPay" option in the Gear app setting.

I have:

- Samsung S6 freshly flashed to a BTU (it was AUT originally)
- Installed latest Samsung Pay app from the Galaxy Apps store
- dded a card on the Galaxy s6 SPay app
- Updated the gear software to the latest version
- Updated the Gear app to the latest version
- Added a pin to the Gear S2

But even after doing all these steps I cannot see the SamsungPay options in the gear app.

My gear is a SM-R720 which is compatible with SPay

Anyone know whats up with that? Is there something extra I need to do to unlock SPay ?


02-06-2017, 08:53
Yep I can't get it either it's not out yet for the watches, just bad reporting from this site saying it is. v poor from Samsung :0(

02-06-2017, 16:23
Yea I was 100% sure that I read it was out for both phone and watches :/

It wook me almost 5 hours of upgrading, flashing a correct UK csc pgone my phone for then realize it was damn notout and there is NO where on samsung site that confirm that GEAR ARE NOTYET SUPPORTED IN UK

16-07-2018, 07:07
Try this:

It worked for me here in Brazil. ;)