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24-04-2017, 11:20
Hi guys,

I am new to this forum so sorry if this question was already posted before.
I need help because samsung is not really helping me.

Shortly I will travel to the US for work. My plan is to purchase a Gear 3 when I am in the US because it will save me the tax.
My question is if I will have the full functionality and firmware as the the Europe model.
I live the Netherlands so it would be nice if Dutch apps could be installed.

Does someone know the different hardware types and firmware versions?
And if there are differences would I be able to install European firmware on the device?



24-04-2017, 13:17
The US devices are usually released through the networks.
The Gear S3 will be available through AT&T and TMobile and so you must check the frequency support against your own network.
Look at Specifications here:

Look for a European model.
Listed here:

24-04-2017, 13:32
Hi @greenman

Thanks for your fast reply.
I did find that in the Netherlands only the Bluetooth model is available.
This means that i don't have to care about frequency support right?
But will the apps works? Does it recognize that I Have a Dutch phone and install apps according that or has every Gear 3 its own country code

24-04-2017, 13:43
The Dutch version is SM-R760NDAAPHN a Gear S3 from amazon has number SM-R760NDAAXAR
So I wonder what the difference would be

24-04-2017, 13:46
Look here for model versions:
I would avoid any with A (AT&T) or V (Verizon) or T (TMobile) after the model number as these will probably have restrictions when using in Europe.
But for definitive answers you need to ask Samsung

Gear S3 Frontier - SM-R760, SM-R765A, SM-R765T, SM-R765V Gear S3 Classic - SM-R770

24-04-2017, 13:50
The Dutch version is SM-R760NDAAPHN a Gear S3 from amazon has number SM-R760NDAAXAR
So I wonder what the difference would be
That is not a Dutch Gear S3 but from the USA.
The last 3 letters are XAR - the country code for USA.


24-04-2017, 14:08
Yes correct, The SM-R760NDAAPHN is dutch and the SM-R760NDAAXAR was found on amazon from a seller in the USA
I will ask Samsung for the differences and will post it here if they ever give me a reply.
Do you think I can load the Dutch firmware in the US model?

24-04-2017, 14:11
If the gear is anything like the Samsung Phones, you will only be able to install firmware for the model version.

As Sammobile do not have any Gear S3 firmware it is difficult to be more specific.

24-04-2017, 14:14
I just watched an unboxing video.
The difference is most likely only the power adapter. The US one has a different charger than the European one. But this is no issue at all
This could explain the difference in the Part number

24-04-2017, 14:15
Here is a potentially useful link, and the 'CSC covers these countries' does include PHN and XAR

24-04-2017, 15:05
Interesting information. Thanks!

24-04-2017, 20:36
I have contacted Samsung and got a reply as expected :(
Asked them what the difference was between the two product numbers.

Samsung stated
it depends if you buy the bluetooth or 4G version, The 4G version is not officially released in the netherlands
For the rest they should work the same.

So then I mentioned that I would buy the bluetooth version and that it would be great if I could run Dutch apps.

They then mentioned:
we can't guarantee this compatibility because they can't test it because Samsung Holland only has hardware designed for Holland

24-04-2017, 21:28
Yes, they are not going to encourage out of region purchases.
Don't forget that Samsung introduced Region locking to stop grey imports.

This will not apply to a BT Gear, but may prevent network access if you decided to purchase a 4G Gear.

24-04-2017, 22:00
Yeah i know. I want a bluetooth version and also don't really mind if i can only use english language.
The gear s3 is really expensive in holland. Its 400 euro. Thats like 450 dollar.

24-04-2017, 22:05
Yes. The difference is about 45 euro.
Small price to pay for a Gear that will definitely work and for which you will have warranty backup.

No warranty on a USA imported Gear.

24-04-2017, 22:13
The difference is 100 euro.
The US model is 328 dollar including tax

02-05-2017, 13:40
Hi Guys,

Just got the watch.
It works perfectly.
Because you install the gear app on your phone you can access all the local apps and also the language is automatically set to Dutch.

So I am happy

02-05-2017, 14:07
What is the model version?

02-05-2017, 15:14
I ordered SM-R760NDAAXAR

02-05-2017, 15:17
I ordered SM-R760NDAAXAR
Thank you, that rounds up this post nicely.
Enjoy your Gear S3. ;)

02-05-2017, 15:25
It has software version R760XXU1APK6

14-07-2021, 19:22
The Gear S3 paired with my Galaxy S6 flawlessly and worked well. Calls were clear, notifications from texts, Google Hangouts, etc., worked great until November 2017 when an update took out notices appearing on the watch screen. Incoming call and calendar notifications appear, but no texts. $300+ for a wearable that works in part is not of value. And there has been no effort from Samsung to resolve the issue. I told them I would contact the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Investigation (https://www.global-accountant.net/the-trust-fund-recovery-penalty-investigation/). I was kidding, however, but even sorry, I liked it very much.