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24-02-2017, 03:56
I've just received a new samsung gear s. It connects to mobile networks and wifi but not bluetooth.The only app installed apart from phone,settings and messaging is an app called TBS app loader. These are the only 4 icons I have on the watch.When I try to open the TBS app, it requests a username and password,which I don't have.Can someone tell me what this app is for as it seems that it is locking up all the software of the watch and how to remove it ? Thanks

12-12-2017, 17:30
reset watch

25-08-2021, 09:21
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30-08-2021, 10:17
Hi, so I tried to update it and the update screen came on. It didn't go away for a while so I pulled the plug... Did I screw my radio? :/

31-08-2021, 12:07
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06-09-2021, 13:27
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